Download free Unicode fonts for foreign characters

Unicode fonts contain many different character sets in one font. Once they have been installed, your browser is able to call upon the character set it requires. If this doesn't happen automatically, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools | Internet Options | General | Fonts, select the relevant Language Script and highlight an appropriate font.

Basic Arial Unicode font
Supplied with all recent versions of Windows. Earlier versions of Arial and other Microsoft Fonts with Unicode support are archived at SourceForge.

Unicode fonts with further character sets
You may already have the comprehensive Arial Unicode with MS Office, otherwise, Bitstream Cyberbit (6MB download) or Titus Cyberbit have most of the characters you may need.

Ethiopic font

In order to display Ethiopic syllables, run the Windows installer for GF Zemen Unicode. For non-Windows systems, download and install GF Zemen Unicode or Titus Cyberbit.

Myanmar (Burmese) font

To display the Myanmar Bible, run the Windows installer for PadaukOT. For non-Windows systems, download and install the PadaukOT font.

More Unicode fonts
Unicode fonts for Windows is a very useful and comprehensive webpage, with links for Unix/Linux and Mac as well.