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Multilingual Online Bible

English Bibles

English Standard Version
   The ESV follows in the tradition of the RSV
New English Translation
   One of the newer translations that is readily available on the web
Lexham English Bible
   A modern "traditional" translation
World English Bible
   Up-to-date revision of the ASV
World English Bible (British English)
   Uses British English spelling and usage variants
Bible in Basic English
   Using only 850 basic words, plus 150 selected biblical ones, helpful if English is not your first language
Revised Standard Version
   Revision of the ASV, 1946-52
Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament)
   From the Jewish Publication Society, 1917
Weymouth New Testament in Modern Speech
   It was "modern" in 1912
American Standard Version
   American edition of the Revised Version, 1901
Young's Literal Translation
   A word-for-word translation by the Concordance man, 1898
JN Darby
   Based on work by John Nelson Darby, 1884-90, revised to 1961
Webster's Revision of the KJV
   Modernisation of the KJV from the dictionary compiler, 1833
   Bible historically used in the Roman Catholic Church, translated from the Latin Vulgate 1582-1609,
   revised 1752

King James (Authorised Version)
   The first "official" English translation, 1611
Wycliffe New Testament
   The first English translation of the New Testament, 1388

Commentaries & Notes etc.

Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
People's New Testament Notes
John Wesley's Notes

Easton's Bible Dictionary
Hitchcock's Bible Names

Greek & Hebrew

Greek New Testament
    Nestle-Aland 27th edition
    Westcott-Hort (1881)
    Westcott-Hort with Nestle-Aland variants
    Westcott-Hort transliterated
    Scrivener (1894)

Greek Old Testament

Hebrew Old Testament
    in Hebrew characters
    with vowels