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Chinese NCV (Simp), 诗篇 128 (Psalms 128)

1   朝圣之歌(原文作“往上行之歌”)。敬畏耶和华,遵行他的道的人,是有福的。(本节在《马索拉抄本》包括细字标题)

2   你必吃你亲手劳碌得来的,你必享福,事事顺利。

3   你的妻子在你的内室,好像多结果子的葡萄树;你的儿女环绕着你的桌子,好像橄榄树的枝条。

4   看哪!敬畏耶和华的人必这样蒙福。

5   愿耶和华从锡安赐福给你;愿你一生一世得见耶路撒冷的繁荣。

6   愿你得见你儿女的儿女。愿平安归于以色列。

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Simplified Chinese characters are used in mainland China (People's Republic of China) and Singapore to represent a variety of Chinese dialects spoken by well over 1 billion people.

In order to display Simplified Chinese characters correctly, you may need a font such as Arial Unicode MS or Bitstream Cyberbit.

The New Chinese Version (NCV) was first published in 1992. It is gaining in popularity over the older Chinese Union Version, particularly among evangelicals.

You can also read the same passage in the Chinese Union version or in Traditional Chinese characters.

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