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Chinese NCV (Trad), 詩篇 128 (Psalms 128)

1   朝聖之歌(原文作“往上行之歌”)。敬畏耶和華,遵行他的道的人,是有福的。(本節在《馬索拉抄本》包括細字標題)

2   你必吃你親手勞碌得來的,你必享福,事事順利。

3   你的妻子在你的內室,好像多結果子的葡萄樹;你的兒女環繞著你的桌子,好像橄欖樹的枝條。

4   看哪!敬畏耶和華的人必這樣蒙福。

5   願耶和華從錫安賜福給你;願你一生一世得見耶路撒冷的繁榮。

6   願你得見你兒女的兒女。願平安歸於以色列。

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Traditional Chinese characters are used in Hong Kong (7 million Chinese-speakers), Macau (450,000), Malaysia (7 million) and Taiwan (23 million).

In order to display Traditional Chinese characters correctly, you may need a font such as Arial Unicode MS or Bitstream Cyberbit.

The New Chinese Version (NCV) was first published in 1992. It is gaining in popularity over the older Chinese Union Version, particularly among evangelicals.

You can also read the same passage in the Chinese Union version or in Simplified Chinese characters.

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