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Hmar, Psalms 113

1   Haleluia.Aw nangni LALPA siehlawhai,LALPA hming chu inpâk seng ro.

2   Tuta inthok chatuon chenin,LALPA hming chawimawiin um sien,

3   Sak kawl a'nthok thlang kawl chenin,A hming inpâkin um raw se.

4   LALPA chu hnam po po nêka,Chunghnung lem daia lêng a na,A ropuinan vànhai a khêl.

5   LALPA ei Pathien ang hrim a,Hmun sâng lalthungphaah thung a,

6   Vànhai le hnuoi zuk en ding a,Kûna inphahnuoi tu'm an um?

7   Retheihai chu pilvut a'nthok,A lâk suok a, a tungding hlak;Pasiehai khom vut buol a'nthok,Kei thoin a dom kâng bok a;

8   Milienhai lai a'n thungtir a,A nih, milienhai laia chun.

9   Chinghai din sûngkuo a'n dinpêk,Hlimin hrai lêng an chawitir hlak.Haleluia.

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Hmar is spoken by 50,000 people in Assam, North Cachar and Cachar districts; Manipur, south, Tipaimukh, Churachandpur, 35 villages; Mizoram, Aizawl, Cachar, North Cachar districts; Tripura.

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