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Hungarian, Zsolt√°rok 128 (Psalms 128)

1   Gr√°dicsok √©neke. a ki az ŇĎ √ļtaiban j√°r!

2   Bizony, kezed munk√°j√°t eszed! Boldog vagy √©s j√≥l van dolgod.

3   Feles√©ged, mint a termŇĎ szŇĎlŇĎ h√°zad belsej√©ben; fiaid, mint az olajfacsemet√©k asztalod k√∂r√ľl.

4   √ćm√©, √≠gy √°ldatik meg a f√©rfi√ļ, a ki f√©li az Urat!

5   Meg√°ld t√©ged az √ör a Sionr√≥l, hogy boldognak l√°ssad Jeruzs√°lemet √©letednek minden idej√©ben;

6   √Čs megl√°ssad fiaidnak fiait; b√©kess√©g legyen Izr√°elen!

Zsolt√°rok 127
   (Psalms 127)  
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(Psalms 129)   

Hungarian is spoken by 14,500,000 people: 10,299,000 in Hungary, 2,004,000 in Romania, 629,000 in Slovakia, 451,000 in Yugoslavia, 1,117,000 elsewhere.

The Károli Version is the most popular Hungarian Bible, with its present use based in a 1908 revision. Calvinist pastor and dean of Gönc, Gáspár Károli, published the Hungarian Bible translation in 1590 in Vizsoly, Hungary. This is known sometimes as the Vizsolyi Biblia. Many Hungarians who read English have compared the language to that found in the King James Version (The Authorized Version of 1611).

In order to display the Hungarian special characters ő and ű correctly, you need a basic Unicode font.

Hungarian Károli Version, 1908 revision. Public Domain.

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