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Romani NT, Jeremiah 1

This book is not available in this version which contains only the New Testament.

Isaiah 1    Choose Book & Chapter    Lamentations 1

Romani is spoken by 1,500,000 people in a variety of nations. The New Testament was first published in 1984.

Romani (Gypsy) New Testament: E Lashi Viasta. Ruth Modrow, murhe zhutitoria: Toshat Demeter, Stevo Demeter, Loulou Demeter, ay vi o Fardi zhutisardya le vorbensa. © 1984 - Ruth Modrow. Ramosardya pe rhertia pala International Gypsy Publications Inc, Seattle USA. Te si vare kon kay mangel te kerel may klishki te del kal rhom, sai. Numa te na bichin le le lovenge. Shoxar me chi lem love pala le klishki. Ke o Del ay vi me mangas le rhom te jinen/ramon ay ashunen e Vorba le Devleski.

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